Service offer

In addition to the production of heat exchangers, we offer a comprehensive range of services around heat exchangers:

Repair and maintenance of plates and heat exchangers

Our services include repair and maintenance of plate heat exchangers of all manufacturers. Long experience enables us to effectively, quickly and cleanly clean, inspect and re-rubberise heat exchanger plates. We can react flexibly to customer requests. We will gladly perform the complete uninstallation of your plates and re-assembly, including pressure test after cleaning. We pursue a quick process/procedure to warrant low downtimes.

Chemical Plate Cleaning

We recommend chemical plate cleaning at strong contamination of the plates, e.g. by scale deposits. The plates are treated in specifically adjusted acid and lye baths after removal of the seals depending on the type and severity of the contamination.

Machine cleaning

We offer mechanical cleaning in case of contamination by oil and/or only low deposits of contamination. The plates are cleaned fully automatically in cleaning plants. This is very environmentally compatible and saves time and money. We treat the water used for an exemplary lifecycle assessment and reuse it.

Paint Entry Test

On request, each plate will be subjected to a paint entry test to make finest cracks and corrosion visible. If required, the defective plates are exchanged. Special attention is paid to the seal channel that is processed on demand.


The seals in the heat exchanger plates are often brittle and cracking after extended use. We offer complete rerubberisation of the heat exchanger plates incl. cleaning. The old seals are removed from the plates and disposed of professionally. Adhesive residue is removed in special solvent baths without damaging the plate material. Afterwards, the cleaned plates are applied with new seals with special adhesives or, according to type, adhesive-free seals are installed.


We also deliver loose seals of all makes in the materials Nitril (NBR), EPDM, Viton, Hepalon and Butyl. Only originals or seals of renowned manufacturers are used (e.g. Alfa Laval, GEA, Schmidt, Tranter, Funke, Sondex, APV, etc.).

The raw materials for the seals are mainly approved for foods according to the FDA (Food and Drug Association). Production of the seals is certified to ISO 9002.


From complete plate packages to individual replacement plates, our range comprises heat exchanger plates from all renowned manufacturers (e.g. Alfa Laval, GEA, Schmidt, Tranter, Funke, Sondex, APV, etc.) in different materials.

A comprehensive storage permits shorter delivery times and fast help in many cases.