Soldered plate heat exchanger

Soldered heat exchangers are used specifically for heating systems or motor cooling. Our range comprises a comprehensive selection of models in different sizes and for different media. The compact build of the copper and nickel soldered heat exchangers also permits use in narrow spaces.

Technical data:

Plate materials:    

  • Flow rate:
bis max 140 m3/h
  • Exchanger area:
bis max 75 m2
  • Working pressure:
bis max. 35 bar
  • Temperature:
von -180 0C bis +200 0C


  • Stainless steel, soldered with copper or nickel


  • For cooling or heating of liquids
  • As evaporator and condenser in cooling machines


  • Insulation (fixed or loose design)
  • Base for floor setup
  • Holding sheets
  • Screw connections
  • Flange connection + counter flange