Screwed-on plate heat exchanger

With its variable system, the screwed-on plate heat exchanger offers flexible builds for many different uses.

Anlagenbau Böhmer GmbH has been producing screwed-on heat exchangers for diverse industries for almost 30 years.

Our successful plate flex system enables us to offer the best plate heat exchangers for many different industrial applications.

Our diverse range offers cost-efficient and flexible solutions for your application, from multi-run heat transfers to devices made completely of stainless steel.

Technical Data:

Plate materials:

  • Serial: Stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304, 1.4401/AISI 316
  • Optional: 1.4539, 254 SMO, Titanium
  • More on request

Sealing material:

  • NBR (Nitrile-butylene-rubber)
  • EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-rubber)
  • Viton (Fluor-rubber)
  • More on request


  • Screwed-on standard design
  • Safety plate heat exchanger with double plates
  • VA-heat exchanger for the food + milk industry and poss. chemical factories
  • Multi-run heat exchangers in steel and stainless steel, free-flow heat exchangers, e.g. for dirt-particle containing media


  • Insulations
  • Crane eyelets
  • Flange connection